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2020 Round-up: Islamic Persecution of Christians

(Commentary) — I have not been able to write much on a personal front this year due an increased amount of time spent professionally writing on the various ways Muslims persecute Christians.

“Islamophobia” has become one of the most touted fake issues in liberal America.

I categorically oppose the mistreatment of anyone and it is not in my nature to treat anyone disrespectfully based on religion or any other issue.

A memory that stands out to me was when I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. A security check had been conducted of our interpreters and local workers on our Combat Outpost (COP). During the check, soldiers had looked through Qurans for any contraband.

Naturally, out interpreters were outraged and around twenty of them had threatened to quit working for us. Many in the chain of command didn’t care much at first. They thought it was a simple matter to hire more.

Having processed the hiring and managing of our interpreters, I knew full well that it took at least a month to replace one or two, let alone twenty. I also thought deeper on the embarrassment that our chain of command could face for having to explain the situation.

I had already established a good rapport with the interpreters (they treated me to a Christmas Bollywood movie) and was able to talk with them over the course of two days to convince them of what they already knew of me… that I respected their human dignity.

As with a lot of educated and westernized Muslims, they did not believe in the jihad aspect of their faith (at least most did not). Where Christianity civilized barbarian Europe, it is only from turning away from aspects of Islam that its adherents turn away from the teachings to kill, rape, and enslave Christians and other non-Muslims.

This year I had the honor of speaking with victims or their families in the Pakistani and Armenian communities.

I have covered the case of young, Christian girls who were abducted, forced to covert to Islam, and marry their abductor to be repeatedly raped in captivity:

As well as coverage of Azerbaijans aggression against Armenians:

Unfortunately, the country of Turkey aided their Turkic cousins in Azerbaijan by sending in terrorist mercenaries from Syria who were paid two-thousand per month with a hundred dollar bonus for each Armenian they beheaded, much as seen here:

Graphic Content: Video segment cuts off right before an Azeri story saws the throat of an old Armenian man who begs for his life.

I had to become spiritually stronger to tackle complex geo-political issues surrounding basic criminal/barbaric acts of cruelty.

I am grateful whenever the mother of Huma Younus reaches out to me to share her pain over the loss of her daughter to captivity and update me on her other daughters well-being.

And I am honored the Armenian publication Keghart considers the media organization I work for as a 2020 Hero thanks to my coverage of the conflict in Artsakh.

My hope is that I can continue to speak for victims and raise awareness. “Islamophobia” is not a thing when there is a real threat consistent with the beliefs that have lasted over a thousand years since Muhammad started his jihad to convert or kill the world.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and pray for our lost brothers to know the fullness of charity and justice that comes with accepting our Lord as God and savior of mankind.

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