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Mount Trumpmore

Satire (Trey Blanton) — Amid cries to demolish Mount Rushmore, a national treasure, due to it’s associations with slavery and Native American subjugation, a new addition to the monument was added on July 3.

In preparation for President Trump’s celebration of American independence and freedom, Trump’s visage was chiseled into stone alongside other great presidents.

Workers on the construction site complimented the president on his already chiseled jaw-line to serve as an easy model for work on stone.

The upside? President Trump is the first President on the monument to have no association with slavery.

In a life-long business career and term as President of the United States, Trump has ensured millions have had access to a job in order to provide for their families and live the American dream.

A former slave who witnessed the Emancipation spoke with The Prince of Antares (my principality has also never utilized slaves):

“Lincoln may have fought to liberate us from slavery, but he did nothing to ensure we had a life we could sustain ourselves with. President Trump has demonstrably done more for the African-American community than any other president, past, present and future.”

In light of the fact that Charles E. Rushmore was a white New York lawyer in 1885, he certainly had “white privilege” and, being a Freemason, is certainly a demonic stain on American history.

In order to make the landmark more culturally acceptable , it will be renamed Mount Trumpmore.

The new name honors the past and demonstrates a hope for “More Trump” as we head into the November 2020 elections.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!

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