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Mechanical Dismemberment in America


Detroit, MI (Trey Blanton) Commentary – Abortion advocates and Leftists, in general, twist the use of words to accomplish their goals.

Rewire.News declared on April 16 that they were revising their terms for abortion in order to make them more palatable.

Till now they, and many within the “medical” community have defined one abortion technique as:

The term “surgical abortion” has been used by health professionals—and, until now, by Rewire.News—to define any in-clinic abortion not induced by medication.

Rewire laments that the pro-life movement has “weaponized” the term surgery to have abortion banned in many states in order to preserve personal protection equipment necessary for the use by hospitals in fighting the Wuhan Virus.

A 2012 article by the American Medical Association based on research conducted in a 1996, confirm that abortion has been referred to as “surgical” for at least fourteen years.

Rewire now wishes to change the terminology to “procedural” abortion because:

“[T]he procedure doesn’t typically require cutting or suturing of any kind. It’s a five- to ten-minute process involving gentle suction to remove the products of conception from the uterus.”

Live Action provides a video on what the “gentle suction” constitutes.

Pro-life advocates have said that Leftists first sought to coin abortion as “surgical” in order to give it a veneer of medical respectability.

Now that the term no longer serves that purpose, abortionists must feel that the time has come to change the language to suit their ideological, propaganda needs, rather than any scientific, medical standard as they would have you believe.

It is unknown, at this time, if medical communities will propagate this obvious attempt to further normalize what I will call “mechanical dismemberment”.

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