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American “Education” System in Shambles

Commentary (Trey Blanton)- Government-sponsored, erroneously called “public”, education has demonstrated a lack of credibility to educate children.

The purpose of an education system is to teach children the necessary skills needed to survive in the world. The better educated you are, presumably, the better able you are to navigate life.

If you can do advanced math, you don’t need an accountant or someone to do your taxes.

If you have a grasp of the English language, you can communicate in American society.

If you know history and government studies you can avoid mistakes made in the past.

Government education, however, has forgotten its basic tenets and acts to instill whatever indoctrination the dominant social wind is blowing.

You can’t even gauge the quality of education based on which political entity is in power, because “educators” at the local level subscribe to liberal ideology and resist efforts made to curb their power IF the government even bothers trying to protect citizen’s rights.

The Supreme Court had the opportunity on October 15 to assure America that government educators will not force a child to answer test questions requiring them to affirm that “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”.

Caleigh Wood found herself in such a position when her teacher threatened her with a failing grade if she would not affirm this “conversion prayer” in writing. The 4th Circuit Court opined this did not violate the Establishment Clause because it was integrated into the world history curriculum. A mandatory class for graduation.

Skirting the law while trying to indoctrinate students isn’t isolated to any one area, or one “social justice” cause.

Families have been resisting efforts in Austin, Texas to have school curriculum teach students sex education from pro-abortion/abortionists.

What can be the expected outcome when you teach students about sex based on research and advice from organizations that make money based on killing children in the womb.

Teachers forget they are public servants as much as law enforcement or other public entities.

A police officer cannot instruct someone they have arrested about the “virtues” of Islam on the ride to the jail.

A society that decided Christianity is an unacceptable subject to be brought up in school forfeits the right to turn around and say Islam or LGBT topics are acceptable.

If Americans had been taught actual history, they would know Western civilization was built by the Catholic Church.

Any point in time when the lay rulers, and society rejected an aspect of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, degradation took place.

America was a predominately protestant formed society, and, despite their protestations to the contrary, their religious convictions were founded by men and women, and not God.

Protestants get some things right about the Faith, but, as anyone familiar in land navigation can tell you, if your compass is off by even one degree, you can find yourself a thousand meters from your destination.

America needs to come together in prayer, and real ecumenism. Society has built itself on the great lie that all beliefs are equal. They are not.

People may be unique little snowflakes, but God is not. God does not conform himself to our specific demands and expectations. We are called to deny ourselves, and carry our cross in order to follow Christ.

You were taught to believe a certain way. We need to unravel what those ways were that led you to where you are, so that you can be led to God through Jesus Christ.



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