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Gosnell Movie: Review and Analysis

Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer has finally been released this weekend to astounding success of a little over 1.2 million dollars, despite the multitudinous attempts by liberal media to suppress the film’s success.

The film was an obvious passion project by all those involved, and what was produced was a story capable of delivering the gravitas of the situation through the actors ability to effectively convey emotion, without ever stooping to the gratuitous.

The film is succinct, and doesn’t bog itself down with the numbers it could have gone into. They could have mentioned how one of the babies murdered “Baby Boy A” was between 28 and 32 weeks old (around 8 months into the pregnancy), or they could have shown the picture of the aforementioned victim taken by one of Dr. Gosnell’s workers on screen (you can view the picture of the 8 month old victim at

The filmmakers instead chose to convey the overwhelming sense of loss on the faces of the actors, or how their voices would occasionally, subtly cracked as they responded to more grotesque information they received from witnesses, or delivered to jurors. Without being hit over they head, you feel the weight of the emotion that comes with realizing how easily our society can bury it’s head in the sand and ignore human rights abuses.

The hardest-hitting moment of the film for me is when we flashback to the night of Baby Boy A’s murder. Again, not gratuitous, just excellent cinematography highlighting how one moment someone can be alive, and then snip… a pound of flesh to be tossed into a garbage disposal…or was it already clogged up with other body parts by this point?

The Pennsylvania Health Department received complaints about Dr. Gosnell, but were told by the Governor’s office not to investigate. Politics will always attempt to stand of the way of what is morally correct. The fear of a politician in a liberal state to not appear “anti-women’s reproductive rights” will allow a hack abortionist to operate unimpeded. People like to say, if you make abortions illegal, people will just get a coat hanger in a back alley. Well Dr. Gosnell worked in a state that allows you to unburden yourself of your baby up until 6 months, and he had cats and fleas crawling around women as they were drugged up by untrained teenagers, and he reused medical instruments to cut into women, and other doped up women pissed in the hallway.

Encouraging people to take accountability for our choices is not profitable. If medical professionals told children to abstain from sex, they wouldn’t make millions of dollars off their trauma. Doctors won’t tell women there are programs in many cities that will help women escape abusive relationships, and help them get jobs as they raise their children, because doing what is right is hard, and not profitable.

The left does not care about minorities. The left does not care about women. The left exploits women. The left exploits minorities. The left preys on the vulnerable, and enriches themselves as they allow the physical exploitation of society’s vulnerable, and use the taxpaying dollars of the rest of society to maintain their power. The left cannot survive without a “downtrodden victim”. So long as suffering exists, and you can blame someone who isn’t suffering, the left will always be able to maintain their place in the elite by keeping the rest of society in poverty. The left does not look to a Kingdom in Heaven. They only care about their time, here and now, on Earth, and do not care about the future generations that will have to claw their way back up from their harmful policies.

If you do not yet believe in the value of human life from the moment of conception, I hope you will at least recognize the hypocrisy of a media that will not allow all sides of a story to be told. Like the Detectives and Councillors in the Gosnell movie, I would not even talk to “real” media, much less a blogger. I am, after all, a “professional”. To me, “real” media only cares about their political agenda, and bloggers were crackpots sitting at home, or a coffee shop spouting conspiratorial theories…. Well here I am as one of the latest additions of crackpots, because the media has failed us. It is a tougher road to find credibility among the litany of bloggers, but this film has taught me that if you believe in something, you can’t remain silent, so here I am. I exist. I have something to say, and I will say it for the hundred thousands lives each year that won’t get to.

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