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Why “The Prince of Antares”?

Those of you who have known me for years, as well as, those of you who are meeting me for the first time through this page are probably wondering… why did I pick this name for my website!?!?

The answer to that lies in two categories, which I will cover in turn: The symbolic representations of the goals of this website, and the concept of identity, at least as it pertains to myself.


Antares is the largest star within the constellation Scorpius, and the name means “Rival to Mars”. Wow! There is a multitude of symbolic value in that. In ancient Rome, Mars was the equivalent to the Greek Aries, and was the god of war in both cultures. As a military man, I appreciate the value of a “divine host” that conquers evil in the world. Being “Rivals to Mars” simultaneously means we rival the old values of martial prowess and strength, but also add the new dimension of rivaling the old concept of warfare.

Christ came into this world to die for our sins. Christ challenged the status quo of the mighty Roman Empire, by showing a better way. Christ showed mankind there was a path forward to something better. We did not have to be content with bondage, or living through life, as a grind, but, rather, that there was something more beyond this mortal life of toil. Christ taught us love, and compassion for our brothers, and sisters.

The last bit of historical symbolism I chuckle at is the play on titles. In learning about history, I came to appreciate the cunning, and duplicity of Bohemond of Taranto, who became the first Prince of Antioch under the Latin Crusader states. Antioch had a long history within the Christian faith, but it eventually fell to dust. From Antioch to Antares, let’s build a new principality on Earth which learns from the past, and carries us forward to a new destiny.


From my perspective when growing up, I discovered that one of the hardest things to learn was a sense of identity. I believe it is something we all struggle with to some degree. Everyone wants to know, “Who am I.” Depending on the community you grew up in, Christian or otherwise, you tend to get lumped into a particular mold.

It always seemed to me, as a child, that people were trying to simplify the concept of self to the thoughts, and actions you take for God, or against His Will. Follow the Commandments, read the bible, listen to your elders, and the clergy. Be a Christian.

I believe being a Christian is integral to any life, but it is also only one aspect of self. We each have individual personalities, aspirations, beliefs, and talents that shape the total picture of who we are, and God delivers his messages to us, and guides our path by speaking to us in terms we, as individuals will understand. We don’t all learn the same way, and God knows that. For a stubborn, knucklehead like me, that meant knocking me upside the head a time or two to make sure I was sticking to the right path.

In the battle to discover who I am versus what society told me to be, I discovered many categories I could mark off as saying, “this is me.”

Christian? Check.

The code of bushido? Who doesn’t enjoy a warrior culture that emphasizes honor, and living in a way so as to always be prepared for death.

Astrology? I’m a Scorpio, and I meet most of the personality traits for one. So you can see the fondness I have for Antares and the Scorpius constellation. I have always been a serious, strong-willed person with ambition and the intensity to “make it happen”. I have never seen validity in horoscopes, but I liked a category that touched on a lot of core personality traits I valued.

Now I have eschewed the “immature” astrological sign, in favor of the scientific INTJ personality trait. If you ask me, they just copied and pasted a page on the description of a Scorpio, and created a model for professionals who weren’t born in late October/early November, and said you can have an awesome, powerful personality too.

I still like the fun nostalgia, and playfulness of being a Scorpio, and I’d rather be the Prince of Scorpios, than Prince of the INTJs.


In keeping with the spirit of the last article, and the nature of Rivaling Mars as a metaphor: We have come here as a community to achieve better unity through understanding the diversity of faith, and charity. As this community grows, we will learn more about the dynamics of faith in the world today, and learn about the opportunities within our respective communities, and around the world, for helping others. We will challenge the old concepts of war, by fighting against evil, and promoting peace.

If this destiny appeals to you, please subscribe to our mailing list on the contact page, or at the bottom of any page, so you can receive news, updates, and know when the next articles are posted. God bless!

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